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      黃志達 設計師案例 設計圈

      Ricky Wong Personal Profile


      Ricky Wong

      Ricky Wong is a designer with more than 20 years of experience in architecture, interiors and product design. Based on the concept of “design brings infinite possibilities for life”, he excels at creating quality and creative space and products through utilization of modern approaches and rational thinking.

      Ricky established RWD in 1996 in Hong Kong and has been committed to mainland China market by setting up offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Under his leadership, the company with approximately 200 design experts has completed nearly 1000 projects among 60 cities and regions across the globe with the past 20 years.

      Ricky’s design and entrepreneurship have also received a wide recognition among the industry. The company was awarded as one of the “Most Valuable Companies in Hong Kong” by MEDIAZONE, listed in “Top 100 Design Giants” by US Interior Design Magazine, “Top 10 Interior Design Practices” by CIDA and“100 Top Architecture and Design Talents in China” by Architectural Digest China. Works of RWD have been awarded by various influential design awards, including Gold Key Award, A’ Design Awards, German Design Awards, Design for Asia Awards, Asia Pacific Interior Design Awards, and Real Estate Design China Award, etc.

      In 2001, Ricky was awarded the Prize of Industrial Outstanding Contribution by the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and Ministry of Science and Technology of China for his outstanding personal achievements. In 2017, he also received the honour of “Hurun Interior Designers Top 20” by HUREN Magazine.

      Ricky active participates in major events of the industry to promote the development of interior design. He was the academic consultant of Yunnan Interior Design Industry Association, Mentor of “Design Drives Industry Upgrading” Programme and editor of ID+C Magazine. His series of Ambiance House publications have drawn the greatest attention from the industry.


      Ricky Wong黃志達先生,建筑、室內及產品設計師,擁有20余年設計經驗,主張「設計給生活無限可能」,秉持「以終為始」的理念,用國際化的視野和理性的思維,致力于打造高端品位的建筑空間及產品。


      在二十余年的設計生涯內,黃先生和團隊的作品屢獲國內外大獎,他帶領RWD屢次榮登美國「Interior Design全球百大室內設計機構」榜單,并于2017年榮獲胡潤研究院「中國20位最有影響力的室內設計師」稱號。



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